If you have been charged with theft, whether that is a minor petty crime or something more serious, you can turn to Reed Law for help. Our firm is proud to be comprised of some of the best theft defense attorneys in Atlanta, and we have the skills it takes to craft a strong defense on your behalf. There are many different circumstances that may lead to a theft charge, and we will take the time to go over all the particulars of your case, and customize a strategy to get you the best possible outcome, both in and out of court. We understand that criminal charges can do serious damage to your personal and financial life, and we treat all of our clients with the respect that they deserve, no matter what accusations they are facing.

In the legal system, there are over a dozen different types of theft that you may be charged with, including: petty theft, burglary, embezzlement, robbery, theft by deception, receipt of stolen property, and many more. Here at The Reed Law Firm, we know that miscommunications and accidents do happen, and we will explore every angle for your criminal defense in Atlanta, so you can build a brighter future. Theft charges may carry weighty penalties like monetary fines, community service, and jail time, and can stay on your public record indefinitely.

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